Top Tips For New Families Relocating to Brighton

Brighton is one of the best towns in the UK to relocate to.  WIth a beautiful pier, a wonderful array of independent shops and a close knit sense of community, it’s little wonder it’s high on many families places to live list. If you’ve recently started a family or you have a young one bursting at the seams, we’ve put together a guide for those thinking of moving to the area.

Visit The Town To Get a Feel For It: Many couples fall in love with the idea of moving to a place and then get there and find out that the area is not really for them. Brighton is a very welcoming towns, there’s lots to see and do, however it’s advisable you take the time to visit the area a few times to get a feel for your potential new town. Visit the seaside, take in the local day and night life and ensure you are comfortable dealing with tourists, especially if you are planning on living near the centre of town, as it can get very busy during the summer months. 

Get Organised:  Whether you’re moving to a beautiful place like Brighton or not, one thing we are certain of is that all house moves are stressful. One of our key pieces of advice is to be as organised as possible during the move and get a list of all the essential services you’ll need once you’ve completed your move. You need a list of schools in the Brighton area and the contact details for Brighton’s children’s services, should you need any assistance. It’s also important to find your nearest GP, dentist and hospital too.

Find Things For The Kids to do:  One of  the things which attract new families to Brighton is the family orientated nature of the town. It’s great for raising kids, there’s always something to do and throughout the year there you can also find a family friendly event to attend. Most families tend to move in the summer months and if your move falls during the school holidays, make sure you plan in things to keep the children busy.

Sort Out Parking: There aren’t many downsides to moving to Brighton, but the one slight issue is the lack of available parking. Due to the narrow roads and the high footfall many of the roads in the town are are deemed controlled parking zones so you’ll either have pay to park or get a residents parking permit as soon as you have moved. You can apply for a residents parking permit by downloading this application form and once complete, returning it to the parking permit centre.

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